Silicoin NFT

The Silicoin network is pleased to announce a limited edition NFT for its community members. This special NFT will allow you to showcase your support for the Silicoin network for years to come. Claim your exclusive Silicoin NFT now!


Silicoin Community Association

What are the duties and benefits of SCA members?

  • SCA (Silicoin Community Association) is a community autonomous organization led by the Silicoin team. It is a communication bridge between Silicoin farmers and the official team to continue the global promotion work of the ambassadors. The purpose of its establishment is for the long-term development of the Silicoin project.

    The daily work of SCA members includes global promotion, community management, and project development consultation. There is no specific requirement. Every member should aim for the harmony and prosperity of the community and do their best to help everyone.

    All SCA members who contributed (assessed by the council) will receive one NFT (Currently on BSC, will migrate to the Silicoin network in the future) per week.

    SCA NFT represents SCA membership and profit rights, may have greater value in the future. Holders could steak NFT assets to earn USDT rewards. It means that the more NFTs held by SCA members, the higher the weight of rewards in the prize pool. Rewards will be given out every week.


    Get the special NFT to be part of Silicoin Community Association